I saw your post with the bikini picture and I was like I am going to weigh myself, I havent since quarantine started, I'm at 140lbs ! I have not seen that in a long time. I lost weight on quarantine! I don't hold any weight to that number on the scale (pun intended haha) but it shows that what you teach is a lifestyle, a healthy body positive one. I am so grateful for the journey I took with you. This time last year in was 15 lbs heavier and not just on the scale but in my mindset, the way I saw myself, my confidence. Thank you for being such an incredible amazing coach and friend. So grateful for all you taught me. I enjoy life guilt free but also sensible. Right now is a guilt free moment enjoying a Pina Colada haha. Love you Daria

fitness client

When I saw Daria post that she had openings for 1:1 it was a no brainer to do so. I was lacking support business wise so I said hell yes! It's only been a couple weeks, but having someone in my corner who questions me and makes me think big picture has been exactly what I needed!


Stacey LP - Business Client

Sarah Leta- Fitness Client


My favorite thing about working with Daria is she doesn't force you to do what has worked for her. She allows you to do what works for you. She personalizes every workout and nutrition plan to YOU rather than making you fit into hers. She listens, cares, and holds space for you when you are at your lowest of lows. She never forces you or pressures you. She allows you to take the time and space you need when you need it. If you want a Coach who is not only a motivator but a friend, she is the person you need to hire...like now


Amanda King - Fitness Client

I love working with Daria because it's the perfect combination of understanding and motivation. There's been times that I just couldn't get myself to the gym and Daria would comment about how rest and recovery is important. There were also times when I'd get to the gym 7 days in a row and Daria was my biggest cheerleader! I also thoroughly enjoy when she nerds out on the science behind nutrition and fitness. It's so powerful and you can tell she's passionate about sharing her message! I've learned a TON and I can't wait to get back in the gym with my OWN program I made for myself with the help of Daria!

Courtney Lillie- Fitness Client



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