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For too long have our bodies had to bear the shame, ridicule, and responsibility of society, to the point we have lost the ability to trust our physical birthright.


"You're too big!"

"You're too small!"

"You're showing off!"

"You're not showing enough!"

All narratives we are sold simultaneously, and now is the time to raise our middle fingers to them all and shut out all of that noise. 

NOW is the time to take back ownership of our bodies for everything that they are and that they aren't. 

NOW, we live for ourselves first.

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I've experienced it all - from working full-time, to motherhood, to national athlete, to business owner, to (soon-to-be) world traveler. If you need someone who understands your unique schedule I'm the gal.

If you want a long-ass spiel about my history and who I am, go to the "About Me" page here


My favorite thing about working with Daria is she doesn't force you to do what has worked for her. She allows you to do what works for you. She personalizes every workout and nutrition plan to YOU rather than making you fit into hers. She listens, cares, and holds space for you when you are at your lowest of lows. She never forces you or pressures you. She allows you to take the time and space you need when you need it. If you want a Coach who is not only a motivator but a friend, she is the person you need to now

Amanda King

I love working with Daria because it's the perfect combination of understanding and motivation. There's been times that I just couldn't get myself to the gym and Daria would comment about how rest and recovery is important. There were also times when I'd get to the gym 7 days in a row and Daria was my biggest cheerleader! I also thoroughly enjoy when she nerds out on the science behind nutrition and fitness. It's so powerful and you can tell she's passionate about sharing her message! I've learned a TON and I can't wait to get back in the gym with my OWN program I made for myself with the help of Daria!

Courtney Lillie

I saw your post with the bikini picture and I was like I am going to weigh myself, I havent since quarantine started, I'm at 140lbs ! I have not seen that in a long time. I lost weight on quarantine! I don't hold any weight to that number on the scale (pun intended haha) but it shows that what you teach is a lifestyle, a healthy body positive one. I am so grateful for the journey I took with you. This time last year in was 15 lbs heavier and not just on the scale but in my mindset, the way I saw myself, my confidence. Thank you for being such an incredible amazing coach and friend. So grateful for all you taught me. I enjoy life guilt free but also sensible. Right now is a guilt free moment enjoying a Pina Colada haha. Love you Daria

Sara Leta
Sara Leta
Sara Leta
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Time commitments for 1-1 are a minimum of 3 months together. (There are other options that are less as well)

Call frequency for 1-1 is anywhere from once per week to once a month depending on your need & budget.

Full 1-1 will include mindset, nutrition, and fitness - it's an all or nothing package. The theme of each call will depend on your needs & questions for that day/week.

Full 1-1 will include mindset, nutrition, and fitness - it's an all or nothing package. The theme of each call will depend on your needs & questions for that day/week.

The Mind

This phase is what we will call the "deconditioning phase". It is where we process & throw out all the trauma, limiting beliefs, and dysmorphia we hold onto around our body. We will dive deep into our history with ourselves, and though not a lot of physical change will happen here - the work we do in the other phases will not stick if we don't release these stories first.

The Food

Once we are cleared of our past, we are free to step into the future ballast-free! Food is something that, much to my annoyance, has become so incredibly demonized and misunderstood. In this phase we will simplify how to nourish our bodies in a way that gives us everything we need, without fear or restriction. 

This final phase is where it all comes together and where your inner strength finally gets to be amplified! Every member of this experience gets a CUSTOM fitness plan built with their goals, life, schedule, and health in mind. This is what turns this into "just another program" into a truly next-level experience & journey!

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I can only take on 10 1-1 clients at a time, so an application is needed! Don't worry, it's simple, non-intrusive, and you will hear back from me very shortly to proceed if I think we are a good fit. 

Just fill out the form below and we will get started!


*Prices vary based on how many video calls you require, and this requirement can change month-month throughout our time together. Base rate of 1 call/month starts at $222/month.

Contact Us

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1-1 not for you?
Check out my Self Paced programs and video content!

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