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Whether it is a custom fitness and nutrition plan, or getting a website build that both WOWs your audience while saving you time (and making you $$), Daria Marie Coaching is guaranteed to have the solution for you. 

We have a simple 3-word motto that says everything you need to know about what you'll get out of our services:


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My favorite thing about working with Daria is she doesn't force you to do what has worked for her. She allows you to do what works for you. She personalizes every workout and nutrition plan to YOU rather than making you fit into hers. She listens, cares, and holds space for you when you are at your lowest of lows. She never forces you or pressures you. She allows you to take the time and space you need when you need it. If you want a Coach who is not only a motivator but a friend, she is the person you need to hire...like now

Amanda King- Fitness Client

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Hi everyone! I was lucky enough to participate in Daria's Fit Freedom course. This program was SUPER beneficial for me. I feel like I am FINALLY in a great mindset around counting macros and now know that I don't need to eat ALLL the protein like male trainers have always told me. I'm eating more than I had been, and feeling much stronger in the gym. I'm so excited for the next opportunity I have to work with Daria in the future!!

Fawn Caplandies- Fitness Client

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I saw your post with the bikini picture and I was like I am going to weigh myself, I havent since quarantine started, I'm at 140lbs ! I have not seen that in a long time. I lost weight on quarantine! I don't hold any weight to that number on the scale (pun intended haha) but it shows that what you teach is a lifestyle, a healthy body positive one. I am so grateful for the journey I took with you. This time last year in was 15 lbs heavier and not just on the scale but in my mindset, the way I saw myself, my confidence. Thank you for being such an incredible amazing coach and friend. So grateful for all you taught me. I enjoy life guilt free but also sensible. Right now is a guilt free moment enjoying a Pina Colada haha. Love you Daria

Sarah Leta- Fitness Client

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I recommend Daria for your website built. She completed on time and as agreed. Her support and guidance was extremely generous, coming from me who knows nothing about setting up websites. She has provided SOPs and has answered my questions and concerns with urgency. Thank You Daria, a dream come true to have my website built

Nora Gonzalez- Web Design Client

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I contacted Daria at the beginning of the week on Thursday everything was done with a reasonable rate!!!! Everything is perfect!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Val T.- Web Design Client

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Don't just want someone to build your website, but guide you through running an online business? Apply for 1-1 mentorship.

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Dieting sucks and working out takes forever, right?

Wrong! Not with us at least. Sign up for a custom nutrition plan that is completely non-restrictive and a fitness plan that works WITH your schedule, not against it.

1-1 plans are available and built totally to your needs.



Building a website doesn't have to suck, (especially when you get someone else to build it for you). 

Let me help you in organizing, consolidating, and streamlining your website to improve your clients AND your experience, or I'll just build the whole damn thing for you!